Cordless Angle grinder attacks – Padlock loses
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Cordless Angle grinder attacks – Padlock loses

Most of us love new technology, faster computers, more fuel efficient cars but like anything there can be a downside. When I first started my Locksmith career some 35 years ago we used a hand drill sometimes referred to as Belly Buster Drill to drill small holes, well thank heavens for the cordless drill as it has increased productivity enormously.  Now we see lots of other cordless items, vacuums, air pumps, the list goes on and on and now the cordless angle grinder has become a tool of choice for the Criminal element.  With the addition of the new thin cutting discs, the cordless angle grinder can make short work of almost any padlock and now we are seeing double block locks attacked.

Recently one of regular clients asked what we could do to make the locks more resistant to an angle grinder attacks and after much thought and a few proto types we came up with a stainless steel cover which protects the locking bolt from being cut. The armored cover simply slips over the lock and now the criminals have to cut through a combined thickness of 14.3 mm of stainless steel before they even get to the locking pin. See pictures below of this clever addition, it is typical of the sort of innovative thinking that sets us apart from our competition.  In fact we pride ourselves on solving the tricky security issues that are becoming more commonplace each day.

Being in Security industry for more than 30 years I have seen many threats presented to those seeking to protect what they treasure. The one thing that is driven home again and again is that you must constantly keep fighting and not give up. Just as computer hackers have met their match with computer virus protection software its a battle of wills. So call us today to see how we can help !


New threat comes from Cordless Angle Grinders, Padlocks & Blocklocks no match

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