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Guardall Safe Drawers

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This is a game changer of a product from Guardall safes within Australia, these safe drawers nest neatly within their existing safes, for the BFG 400, BFG 600 and BFG 800.  These BFG safes are ideal for jewellry, coin collecting, watch and personal products of high value, as a standard install they carry a cash rating around the $20000 – $25000.  This rating can be increased with supported systems like CCTV and Alarms, and also if your existing safe was installed by either our safe technicians or other professionals with security licenses.  These safe drawers will help keep your collectables or valuables neatly organised in a way that will streamline your time to find what you are looking for and to display all your valuables to allow you to appreciate them.

Right now these drawers are available only for the BFG safes already mentioned but we can organise custom builds if you require one for your existing Guardall safe.

We are quite excited about this new product within the Guardall safe product range as we understand that having a safe offers security but these drawers will offer a new level of organisation within the safe to keep you feeling that extra level of joy knowing that your items are easy to locate inside the safe.

The BFG400 size drawers is at $365 and the BFG 600 & 800 drawers retail at $425, BFG 500 5 drawers = $395

Contact one of the girls at KGB about either purchasing this product on its own or to have it included in your next safe purchase.

Download this PDF to have all the information about the sizes of the safe and complimentary drawers on file.