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How To Improve Your Screen Door Security

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There has been an increase in crime, 30% increase in breakins, in both the Logan and Wynnum areas of late based on criminals accessing homes via the back deck through their screen doors.  It is a simple process of cutting through the screen and reaching with either their hands or with a bent wire and flicking the lock to easily open the door.

When we attend break and enters we also offer to upgrade their security by install one of the security screen protector ‘ad a guard’ which is a plastic sheeting, displayed above, that goes over the handle which acts as a deterrent to this kind of crime. This acts as a way to improve your screen door security.

This is a very easy and cost effective fix to have one of our technicians to come and install one of these ‘ad a guard’ to your security screen doors.

We also now offer a same day installation on the Yale Alarm Systems which can be fitted if you book the job in before 11am that day.  Having one of our technicians come to your property is a good investment of your time as they will assess your property and offer advice on other security measures that you can do that will make your home unappealing to crims.

We have had Wynnum What and QLD Police both promote new statistics from the Police Page report on the increase of crime reports.  Both of these pages also keep regular updates on what is going on in the area.  So we would recommend using a local neighbourhood watch Facebook page to keep up to date with what is going on in your area.  It is still one of the best security measures you can do to help support your other measures.