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Lock cover plates or Lock tongue protectors

Criminals make quick work of locks that have the “tongue” or latch exposed, these are usually seen on outward opening doors and present a juicy and attractive target/entry point for criminals. There are a multitude of lock cover plates available for exposed latches and when these are fitted it stops someone pushing or prizing the latch/tongue back with a knife or screwdriver. They also make it harder to cut the tongue with a cordless angle grinder.  The cordless angle grinder has made cutting locks a very popular break & enter technique for criminals.  We can supply and fit these covers in a quick and professional manner. It is worth noting that whilst these covers are suitable for most locks and latches they are not suitable for all doors. In this situation we can fabricate a custom design lock cover plate that will definitely be a great improvement on your existing security.


Lock cover plates
Custom full length Stainless steel cover plate fitted with anti wrench sleeve
lock cover plates
Stainless steel lock tongue protector fitted to a wooden door


Below is an interesting yet amateur attempt at armoring  a door


   Cover Guard for Lock


Above left is your garden variety lock strike shield fitted to a wood door, it is simple in design & protects the lock tongue from a “jimmybar” attack, these are very strong and are made from heavy gauge stainless steel, note that this one is bolted through the door by for dome head bolts.

The cover plate above right is what we term “narrow style” and fitted to an aluminum shop door, clever criminals often use a coat hanger to reach between locked double doors and pull the inside lever down.

We can install any variety of cover door plate for your business or home space that requires a robust reinforcement to prevent the jimmy open style door break ins.

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