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Security advice for the Brisbane home owner

Security advice is everywhere and the internet is full of truths and half truths, so how do you sort the good from the bad. First find out what qualifications they have, next look at how long they have been doing what they are supposed to be an expert at. We have been helping Brisbane home owners and shopkeepers with their security for over 25 years.

security advice Burglar holding crowbar in dark with headlights shining in backgrounnd

22 Things A Burglar Would Never Tell You



1. Have We Met?  Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your roof, or delivering your new refrigerator.

 Pit Stop  Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier.Man peering into large mirrored house windows | Security Advice

3. Love Those Flowers. That tells me you have taste… and taste means there are nice things inside. Those yard toys your kids leave out always make me wonder what type of gaming system they have.

4. In the News Yes, I really do look for newspapers piled up on the driveway. And I might leave a pizza flyer in your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it..

5. Security Advice, such as …”if a burglar wants to get in he can” is designed to create apathy which helps me.

6. Open Invitation  If decorative glass is part of your front entrance, keep the alarm keypad far enough away that a crim cant see if it’s set. That makes it too easy to come right in.

7. Be Alarmed A good security company alarms the window over the sink. And the windows on the second floor, which often access the master bedroom – and your jewellery. It’s not a bad idea to put motion detectors up there too.

8. Let’s Talk About The Weather  It’s raining, you’re fumbling with your umbrella, and you forget to lock your door – understandable. But understand this: I don’t take a day off because of bad weather.

Rain Droplets on a windowpane | Security Advice

9. Knock Knock I always knock first. If you answer, I’ll ask for directions somewhere or offer to clean your gutters. (Don’t take me up on it.)

10. Dressed Up Do you really think I won’t look in your sock drawer? I always check dresser drawers, the bedside table, and the medicine cabinet.

11. No Kids Allowed Here’s a helpful hint: I almost never go into kids’ rooms. (yikes and a teenagers room –forget it)

12. Bolt It Down You’re right: I won’t have enough time to break into that safe where you keep your valuables. But if it’s not a bolted down safe, I’ll take it with me.

13. Get Loud A loud TV or radio can be a better deterrent than the best alarm system. If you’re reluctant to leave your TV on while you’re out of town, you can buy a $35 device that works on a timer and simulates the flickering glow of a real television.

14. In Plain Sight Sometimes, I carry a clipboard. Sometimes, I dress like a lawn guy and carry a rake. I do my best to never, ever look like a crook.

15. Beware Of Dogs The two things I hate most: loud dogs and nosy neighbours.German Shepard Barking | Security Advice

16. Breaking Point I’ll break a window to get in, even if it makes a little noise. If your neighbour hears one loud sound, he’ll stop what he’s doing and wait to hear it again. If he doesn’t hear it again, he’ll just go back to what he was doing. It’s human nature.

17. Set It I’m not complaining, but why would you pay all that money for a fancy alarm system and leave your house without setting it?

18. Close The Blinds I love looking in your windows. I’m looking for signs that you’re home, and for flat screen TVs or gaming systems I’d like. I’ll drive or walk through your neighbourhood at night, before you close the blinds, just to pick my targets.

19. Going on Holiday Avoid announcing your vacation on your Face bookpage . It’s easier than you think to look up your address.

Open Window white frame on wood sided house | Security Advice20. Keep It Closed  To you, leaving that window open just a crack during the day is a way to let in a little fresh air. To me, it’s an invitation.

21. Lock Up Tight If you don’t answer when I knock, I try the door. Occasionally, I hit the jackpot and walk right in.

22. Get Keyed Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will continue to sound until either you turn it off or the car battery dies. Next time you come home for the night and you start to put your keys away, think of this: It’s a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation. Test it. It will go off from most everywhere inside your house and will keep honking until your battery runs down or until you reset it with the button on the key fob chain. It works if you park in your driveway or garage. If your car alarm goes off when someone is trying to break into your house, odds are the burglar rapist won’t stick around… After a few seconds all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and sure enough the criminal won’t want that.


Security Advice: Using your car panic button can do more than just protect your home.

Remember to carry your keys while walking to your car in a parking lot. The alarm can work the same way there also. This is something that should really be shared with everyone. Maybe it could save a life or a sexual abuse crime. Would also be useful for any emergency, such as a heart attack, where you can’t reach a phone. This is a really good idea. You could leave the spare key fob or remote button next to your bed permanently. Definitely, this is something to pass on to your family and friends as a security tip.


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