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Tips to Safeguard your home when on Holidays

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The holidays are a time that we eagerly look forward to,  problem is that thieves do as well, as they often see holiday periods as a  favourite time to exploit holes in household security especialy while you are not home to defend your property.  As  one of Brisbane’s most trusted security companies, KGB Security takes the security of your home and its contents seriously and provides the best advice based on years of experience in the business. In today’s post we’ve put together some practical tips to help fend off thieves and holiday home wreckers, giving you peace of mind your home and most valuable asset is secure while you are away.


– Ask friends or neighbours to collect your mail if you are going to be away for several days. Uncollected mail in your letter box is one of the indicators that a thief looks for if they are attempting to case out your property.
– Leave clothes on the washing-line, and if away for longer periods make sure the lawn and garden is maintained.
– Consider investing in a timer to activate interior lights for the evenings. These can be set to turn on and off giving the appearance that someone is home.
– Never leave spare keys hidden around the property – thieves know where to look.
– Consider installing locks on windows and double check that all windows are completely closed before going away.
– Understand the most common entry points for intruders is rarely through the front door, but rather through the garage, bathroom window and kitchen windows.
– If you have precious jewellery, cash or important documents it is worth investing in a burglar alarm and or safe.
– For smaller precious items consider leaving them with relatives, taking them to a safe despot box, or taking them with you.
– Make sure not to leave any outside lights on for extended periods. A light that’s left on day and night is bound to not only attract moths but criminals and intruders as well.
– Ask a neighbour or friend to put your bin out and bring it in or maybe park their car in your driveway from time to time.
– Consider installing security bars and grilles on windows and doors to restrict access.
– Minimize places for thieves to hide around your home with motion sensor lighting

– Ensure that your wheelie bin cant be used as a handy ladder for those height challenged criminals.

Finally, have you considered upgrading your locks with some of the most impenetrable hardware available? Call KGB Security and find out how we can help you defend your home today. (1300 542 732)