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Integrated Security Systems – Brisbane now has a fighting chance

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Here at KGB Security, we strongly believe that an effective business security strategy uses a number of different approaches and security systems. This helps to minimise risk and ensure the ongoing safe operation of the business – something all business owners should be concerned with. Our team of security professionals are committed to tailoring security solutions based on the individual industry and business and in today’s article we shine the spotlight on integrated security systems including what they are, and how they protect your business.

What are integrated security solutions?

An integrated security system is one that combines a number of different elements of security as part of a larger security solution. By combining a number of different systems including locks, electronic access control, CCTV and safes, the business will have heightened defence from security breaches and other threats to the business.
The reasoning of this is that the more different systems in place, the more robust the system, the heightened protection of inventory and documents, and the less overall risk to the business. Potential intruders are more likely to be deterred or caught when an integrated system is in place, compared to a business that relies on just a single form of security control. Businesses with an integrated security system also typically enjoy lower annual insurance premiums.

How can integrated security protect my business?

By combining the power of multiple security forces, a business will take a holistic approach to security that protects from a range of security breaches and threats – not just the classic break and enter threat. Where access control might simply protect against break-ins alone, an integrated system tailored to a specific business could prevent break and enters, assist in inventory control, alert authorities to an armed hold-up and even keep documents or specific areas of the business safeguarded.
This makes the system robust and has been proven to deter would be criminals. Panic buttons, CCTV and alarms are all components that work together to get the best results for businesses to who are serious about security and safety.

When it comes to effective security systems Brisbane is not immune from organized criminal gangs, and an integrated system provides the best results in keeping sensitive files and equipment safeguarded and protection of the overall business including staff and customers. Speak to us today to find out more about what we can offer your business – 1300 542 732.