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Frequent Q & A’s for Security and Security Systems

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 Q Why are keyless entry door locks becoming so popular in Brisbane ?

   A card access systems which are also called proximity card systems or swipe card systems have become very popular in Brisbane business’s simply because they give YOU control over which keycards (proximity cards) will or wont work (deleted from the system) with the click of a mouse.

Q  If I want to change my keys is it necessary to change the whole lock or just the key barrels ?

A  No we can save you money by only changing the internal parts of the lock

Q  Why is a restricted key system so much better than a ordinary key system ?

A  A standard key system offers NO protection from unauthorized key duplication or copying, theoretically you could have your locks changed on your business and gave the new keys out & later that night an unscrupulous employee could go to Bunnings and get the key copied and hand it to a corrupt friend so they could rob you of your possessions. A restricted key system requires a authorized signature to be presented before the key will be copied, there are also other measures to make it difficult for criminals to get a illegal copy of your keys. It is worth noting that Restricted Key systems (AKA  Restricted Master Key Systems) are mainly installed by business’s and not normally installed in Domestic residences.

Q. How do I re-order keys for my restricted key system?

A.  If you have a restricted key system and would like to order keys, please download, fill out and email this form with the correct signatory that we have on file and we can ship that out to you via courier within a day of ordering.  Send to [email protected]

Q  If I need a lock opened is it possible to open it without damaging the lock?

A  No, in 99% of cases we can use our special skills to pick the lock or open the lock without damage. We provide a genuine Emergency Lockout Service in Brisbane CBD and surrounds.

Q  Why is installing deadlocks or window locks such a deterrent to criminals ?

A  Criminals are psychologically lazy and they will always look for the easy way, that’s why they don’t have a job, so putting on extra locks will make the criminal look for an easier target. We have 7 mobile van that are fully equipped to Upgrade your Security in any Brisbane Suburb.

Q  Is a code lock more secure than standard “Yale type” lock ?

A  Yes, but its the convenience of being able to go for a jog and not needing to take keys with you that makes digital entry door locks so popular. Push button Digital locks are now available to suit most doors and Electronic Digital Locks can even have up to 200 users.

Q  Is lock bumping something I should be concerned about with my security ?

A  In the domestic situation no, but any business should have bump-proof  or bump-resistant locks fitted. We also feel a Back to Base alarm is essential in Brisbane this day and age.

Q  Why is it better to use a licensed locksmith for all my lock repairs ?

A  This is a no brainer, all locksmiths fitting or servicing “security equipment” in Queensland need to be licensed as per the Security Providers Act 1999, we are finger printed and checked by the OFT and Qld Police daily via the Police Computer system. Conversely a handyman can have a conviction and come out and fit a new lock without any criminal checks, putting you and your family in real danger. Always use a Licensed Locksmith where there is a need for security work.

Q  Is it possible for someone to pick my door locks ?

A  Technically yes, tools can now be bought over the internet, but we have many options t protect life & property from criminals. Locksmiths in Brisbane should be the only ones allowed to buy specialized Lock Picking tools but alas the internet has made buying lock picks from overseas easy. This is another reason why we are installing Monitored alarm systems in Brisbane shops & business’s.

Q  Is a digital lock better than a spin combination safe lock ?

A  Absolutely unequivocally YES, just as fuel injection is a better system for delivering power and efficiency in a motor vehicle, a digital lock will make the safe easier to operate and more secure.  About 98% of all safes sold now come with a digital lock, it is worth noting I am only talking about QUALITY DIGITAL LOCKS not the cheapies that come from the hardware chains, these digital locks are not worth a tinkers cuss, you can quote me too.

Q  Is a firesafe as secure as a standard safe ?

A  No again many safes sold by the hardware chains should not be called safes, rather security containers or Fire chests, these are generally NOT suitable for protecting valuable from a criminal with a pinch or pry bar attack.

Q  What’s the best way to move a heavy safe ?

A  I recommend using a professional safe mover wherever there is a risk of injury to life and property,  safes are usually really heavy and whist you and couple of mates might be able to use a fridge trolley to move the safe it’s just not worth the hospital and or physio bills.

Q  Are Alarm systems easy to breach or defeat ?

A  Yes and No, the older “modem dialler” type alarms are very easy to get around. The newer GPRS and GSM diallers alarms are very hard to defeat. A Polling alarm is what the Banks use and these are near impossible to beat.

Q  How much does a back to base alarm system cost each month ?

A  $35 – $68 per month depending  on the type of alarm, we also wont lock you into a contract that will cost you big time with lots of hidden charges, our alarm monitoring is very straightforward and fair.

Q  Do locks only keep honest people out ?

A  This is one that always makes me laugh, Honest people don’t wont to rob you ! Its very simple if you want to stop crime you have to put some effort into defending your property.

Q  Which is better a Wallsafe or a floorsafe ?

A  They both have for and against arguments, it depends on the value of the items you want to protect and the floor wall construction.

Q Why do I need locks and electronic security these days ?

A  Well alas nothing stays the same, we have been providing Security Systems Brisbane for nearly a quarter of a century and have had to learn new skills to keep criminals at bay, good locks and physical security is definitely a major part but Brisbane needs Alarm systems as well as locks to keep pace with todays criminal threats.

Q Are magnetic locks and or electronic security systems more secure than conventional locks ?

A Yes and No, with electronic security systems or an electronic locking system in Brisbane, they are generally installed to limit or control traffic so their primary objective is not to stop a criminal with a jimmy bar, they  usually incorporate some sort of alarm so this feature can deter a break & enter.