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Grill door locks Brisbane Metro area

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Life in QLD necessitates that we have many doors and windows that we use to ventilate and maintain a comfortable surrounding. Grill doors and windows are made from wrought iron and or extruded aluminum. The locks used in these doors or windows are similar to wooden doors and windows. However when the latter  need replacement or servicing it can be a bit tricky; this is because wood is easy to chip out or drill extra holes to or even “patch” where as metal needs special skills and tools ( a tig welder to weld alloy) to make a repair.

We have been repairing the tricky locks and security devices in QLD for almost 25 years and even employ a “boiler maker” who assists with the intricate welding jobs. The door pictured is from a Indooroopilly business toilet complex and had to be completely rebuilt after an attempted breaking. We also replaced the perspex which deterred someone from gaining entry by reaching through the bars to turn the inside handle with a  metal sheeting which is much stronger.

The original lock cover plate was cracking from the constant banging.  Many locksmiths had attempted to remedy this problem and it was only after we fitted a quality door closing device that the slamming door became almost silent.

We have 3 dedicated mobile service vans, 10 vans in total, servicing the western suburbs, and having our shop in Taringa can easily provide a lockout service within 30 mins from Toowong to Kenmore.  For Moggill, Bellbowrie and Pullenvale a 45 minute response time is standard. Regardless of where in Brisbane you are we have the technical know how and the desire to provide you a quality mobile locksmith service. We also accept all credit cards as well as cash, cheques and Eftpos, call us today on 1300 556500

grill door locks
Another type of aluminium door


Electric strike on gate -- yep these too
Electric strike on gate — yep these too
Not really a grill door but still we will fix it !!
Not really a grill door but still we will fix it !!



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