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Heavy door deserves a Rivers Lock

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Because we have been securing shops, factories and businesses in and around some of Brisbane industrial suburbs for over 25 years we understand that when crims attack, the door and locks must be extra strong to withstand the onslaught. The Rivers Lock has been around for over 80 years and has a range of security devices that has been designed to handle a hardcore attack. The lock pictured is bolted through the door and thee the wooden door has been sheeted with steel and because of the weight has extra hinges. This heavy door will withstand the most serious of attacks.

We know that industrial suburbs like Carole Park and Wacol are almost like ghost-towns over the weekends (particularly) at night and a door or security system may have to withstand an attack that could go on for an hour (usually crims hit fast & hard). Being “exposed” are easy pray for the ever vigilant Security Company patrols. Most factories have perimeter fences and gates that keep most crims out but once in they use crude tools like crow bars, which make short work of domestic grade doors and locks. The Rivers brand lock has multipoint locking and can be master keyed to most Restricted key systems on the market.

Of course in the newer industrial suburbs like Larapinta and Sumner park the “tiltslab” factory has minimal exposed entry points which can be armoured up with deadlocks, metal clad doors and security alarm systems easily compared to factories in more established industrial suburbs with old brick buildings and poor street lighting. We can even purpose build security equipment for a specific application.

Many years ago we were asked to grill a complete ceiling of a warehouse because the crims were using a spear gun to shoot boxes of stock from a hole in the roof & remove them without activating the security system Brisbane is now grown up and that means hard core criminals so if your business needs physical & electronic security for the modern age look no further.

Whatever your security risk we have the experience and motivation to provide you a locking security system that works and looks good, call us today.


High security locks on high security doors
High security locks on high security doors
Heavy door
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