Over the years I have seen lots of 2nd hand safes. Most are old bangers but occasionally I see some real gems. On Gunmtree there is the odd cheap fireproof safe for sale but then you have to move it. However the difference with us is you get a genuine ONSITE warranty and peace of mind. Buying a secondhand safe can save you some dollars but there are dangers. Who cares if you buy a 2nd hand bicycle from a shady character. Buying a safe from a stranger who knows how the safe works and can track you down is risky.

Cheap safes generally means low grade such as Bunnings. If you even considered buying a Bunnings safe for a second dont. Do a tiny bit of digging via Google and you will soon see the scathing reviews of these low grade imposters. Alas nearly every safe manufactured is now made in Asia. The key is to find the good ones. The fireproof safe pictured below is a Firemaster Fire Resistant Four drawer filing cabinet. These were sold by Wormald over the last 20 years and they are designed to protect paper from fire. They are NOT suitable for protecting valuables such as jewellery and gold from even amatuer driminals.

This Firemaster 4 drawer RP cabinets are made in Korea and come with a spin combination and key lockable drawers. The one pictured does not have keys but we can supply them if required. The reason the keys are not often used is the top drawer locks the others when it is closed. Unlike earlier Firemaster 4 drawer cabinets that had plastic handles this one has metal handles. We have more cheap fireproof safe in stock so if you need one call & see which one will work for you.
Cheap fireproof safe for sale

This plastic handle often breaks but we can get replacement ones !