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Everyone loves a bargain, but no one buys the discounted parachutes from the clearance table, well most people. Anyway if you are chasing a cheap handgun safe the internet is the place to go. Alas how can you tell a good safe from a bad one ? Well as a rough rule price is an indicator and more expensive safes tend to be made from thicker steel than the cheapies. Of course there will ALWAYS be exceptions and I am sure there are good cheap safe out there.

I have been selling and fixing safes for near 40 years and yes we do get safe lock problems from expensive safes as well as cheapies but there is way more cheapies out there thanks to Bunnings and now bust Masters. The real problem with cheap gunsafes or cheap safes in general is that they tend to substandard locks. These locks (both key locks and digital locks) WILL fail, problem is if they fail when the safe is locked you will either have to pay to get it open or destroy the safe (yourself) to get you guns out.

So buying a cheap safe is good IF and only IF the locks are of reasonable quality or the locks are of INDUSTRY standard. Most reasonable quality safes use locks that can be swapped out or replaced using the same mounting (or fixing ) points. In the gun industry velocity is king and in the safe industry steel (technically metal) thickness is also king. High grade bankers safes have walls that are 90 mm thick. These walls use an array of materials to make penetration really really hard.

We stock lots of safes that can be used as a handgun safe however we also stock 3 or 4 dedicated handgun safes. They are priced well and manufactured to comply with various Australian state and territory specifications. Listed below are 2 of our cheapest handgun safes, the Guardall T25 and the Lokaway L16, my personal preference is towards the Lokaway as the door is virtually impossible to prize open due to its clever design.

Lastly please keep in mind that the internet and Youtube particularly has a vast array or videos showing how to crack open MOST of the cheapie safes. Should your pistols get nicked I assure you the Police will be very cranky and should THEY deem you have not secured them adequately they will charge you. In short do even a little research before you nip down to Bunnings. If you do buy a cheapie remember that it WILL fail and you will most likely have to buy another one to replace it.

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Almost IMPOSSIBLE to jimmy open !

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The Guardall T45 pistol safe is a simple well made pistol safe !


Product title – Cheap handgun safe Australia

Click here to see a typical “how to crack a safe” video 

The Lokaway L16 has a 6mm door & 3 mm body – the Lokaway L66 has a 6mm door & wall !!!


Safe Delivery Options

DIY Solutions
  • Borrow a trolley and put it in your van/car
  • Drop off to your garage
  • Recommendation that all safes with bolt holes should be bolted down with approved anchors

Installation = bolt down is a fully licensed technicians install with the approved anchors

Delivery Only = dropped into your garage.

Under 50kgs

  • From $120 delivery only
  • Delivery & installation from $220 – $320
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

Above 50kgs – 140kgs

  • From $180 delivery only
  • Delivery & installation from $220
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

140kgs – 300kg

  • From $240+ delivery only
  •  Delivery & installation from $280
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

From 300 – 500kgs

  • Specific information for delivery required
  •  Delivery & installation from $480
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

Vault Doors

  • Delivery from $200
  •  Interstate from $240
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price


  • This is a highly detailed install/delivery = need photos and details

Sunshine Coast*

  • From $280 delivery and installation available on Friday and Wednesdays *(costs may vary)

Gold Coast*

  • From $280 delivery and installation *(costs may vary)

Interstate delivery door to door only

  • 50kgs = $50
  • 140kgs+ = $240
  • Door to door – custom quote depending on your location
  • Installation – custom quote depending on your home/business

We can deliver your safe to your home in an unmarked vehicle with plain clothes technicians ensuring your privacy.  Our technicians are fully licensed and carry identification and will show it to you upon arrival.