Chubb A Class Container (Govt Spec)

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This is a Government spec Chubb A class container (safe ) , this is the heavy duty version of the B class cabinet, these cabinets are the only ones that the Govt allows for the storage of sensitive material. They are normally fitted with the Manifoil high security spin combination lock, however this one is fitted with a LaGard TL11G digital lock. The Australian Government has a guide that lays out all the different types of security items that must be used. This information is published in a book called SCEC which is an acronym for Security Construction and Equipment Committee. This committee has all manner of experts who’s job it is to look at particular security risks & then offer solutions. Hence the A B & C class security containers (or safes)

These cabinets come in 2 sizes, small and large, the small one (pictured) is 950 x 680 x 980 H W D external and 750 x 475 x 680 H W D internal and weighs 1130 kg. The new price for these is around $14000. Because it weighs 1100kg we recommend a dedicated safe mover or we can deliver anywhere in Brisbane for an additional fee. The Lagard digital safe lock will provide years of trouble free service however we back all safes we sell with our Mobile safe servicing unit, and if this or any other safe has a safe lock malfunction, a safe lock fault or just needs the safe handle tightened we are available 24 hours 7 days per week.

Footnote, Lord Safe company used to manufacture A class containers however they recently closed their Australian (Taree based factory) these Lord A class containers had a stainless steel door and were usually only painted Beige. The Chubb B class containers come in one, two and four drawer configuration and are effectively very heavy duty filing cabinets.

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