Extra deep inground floor safe


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The extra deep inground floor safe pictured below is becoming a best seller when it comes to under floor safes. This safe measures 344 x 379 and is 455 mm deep. It’s worth pointing out that depth means from the bottom of the safe to the top. As with other safes depth means from the front of the safe to the back. Wow that can be confusing, anyway this Dominator safe represents great value and has some really cool features.

One of the safe’s best features is the 20mm thick slab door. Most other safes have the standard 12mm thick door and having an extra 8 mm does matter. See the picture below of a CMI GUAC floor safe that was brutally bashed open. I guess it was hit 10 or 20 times with a heavy sledge hammer. The 12 mm door buckled and at the same time the locking mechanism “let go”. This safe also has a Lagard digital lock which is definitely an industry standard lock.

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There is also much discussion about either removing the door whilst the concrete slab is being laid. Or boxing off a “hole” and installing the safe later. Just last week I fielded a call from a man in Townsville who’s safe was flooded. The safe had been installed in the slad and it had rained and filled the safe with water. This safe’s door can be removed and then refitted after the roof of the house is done.

Now I must point out that older inground floor safe designs dont have a gas strut or spring for the door. The door ( or lid) can damage fingers if the door falls down and you have you pinky in the way. The gas strut fitted to this safe makes it VERY safe from an injury standpoint. Boltwork on the door is by way of 5 chrome plated bolts. Additionally should the lock be attacked there is a backup relocking device.

The body and door are both powder coated and all welds are seam welded. Please note that inground floor safes are NOT waterproof or water resistant. Last year I had a client in Rockhampton who had installed a inground floor safe and water seeped in through a pinhole. Whilst the safe was surrounded by masses of concrete the moisture under the slab entered the safe. The remedy was to apply lots of silicon around the corners.

I known the best way to beat crims is to make it hard for them to locate the loot. The whole idea of underfloor safes is concealment. So attention must be given to ensuring the inground floor safe cover plate is flush with the adjacent concrete. Having installed numerous inground floor safes we can also advise on the issue of termite certification. If your floor safe is NOT installed correctly you can void your termite certification. We have a large range of inground floor safes in stock and can ship them anywhere in Qld or the rest of Australia. Please send and email or call me directly for extra info or advice on inground floor safes.

Product title – Extra deep inground floor safe