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Fireproof Vault door Australia

$4,800.00 $4,290.00



The Lokaway LKSR vault door is Lokaways newest edition and heralds this innovative company’s move into commercial security equipment. Unlike more basic strongroom doors the LKSR is fire rated for 60 minutes. Measuring 2070 x 887 with an overall depth of 154mm. Of course it is essential that any fireproof vault door installed in Australia has an emergency release mechanism fitted. This is standard along with a high grade digital lock with a backup key override.

This door is perfect for those who want to build a gun safe room or vault. This vault door is priced towards the lower end but by no means does that impact it’s quality. Weighing 400kg it’s light enough to install without dedicated lifting gear but heavy enough to defend against criminals. The frame is made from 6mm mild steel that is covered with a heavy duty paint called “ironstone”. This finish is both durable and aesthetically appealing and is similar to powder coating.

The high quality digital lock has a key override which will give you real peace of mind. The door is fixed into place by way of 8 masonry anchors. These are secured through the sides of the frame and are protected by the front angle. We do recommend that this door is installed by skilled professionals. Call or email for more information or a shipping quote.