Imperium Drug Safes DS4


The imperium range of dangerous drug storage safes is made to exacting specifications and complies to the regulations set out by various State Health departments including Queensland’s more stringent requirements. On paper the Imperium range is cheaper but more importantly makes for more efficient storage than traditional drug safes with standard shelving.

All safes come standard with a high security pick resistant key lock which can be upgraded to the more versatile digital locks that are now available. Please contact the office for a quotation or answers to questions you may have.

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Model; Measurements; Weight;
DSM E; H 610 x W 460 x D 300 100kg
DS1 E; H 660 x W 470 x D 500 180kg
DS2 E; H 960 x W 570 x D 500 230kg
DS3 E; H 1300 x W 570 x D 500 300kg
DS4 E; H 1800 x W 570 x D 500 410kg
DS5 E; H 1800 x W 770 x D 500 550Kg
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I have been selling drug safes for many years and over the last 10 years I have seen a significant change. Many of my clients are wanting to upgrade their drug safes. Size is the driving force and I am told it’s because ordering in bulk saves significant amounts. One of our most popular drug safes has been the Guardall DSK4 which measures 1525 x 762 x 400 mm ( H W D ). Its volumetric capacity is 341 Litres and this is enhanced by use of adjustable shelves. However the Imperium DS4 ( closest in capacity ) allows for more usable capacity by way of its slide out drawers.

The feedback we are receiving from our clients tells us that they are able to make use of every square centimeter of the Imperium’s pull out drawers. In comparison the Guardall DSK4’s shelving makes it difficult to reach items sitting on the back of the shelf without first removing the items in front. The Imperium DS4 measures 1800 x 570 x 500mm ( HWD) making it taller yet narrower than the Guardall DSK4.

Please NOTE – The Door Of These Safes Needs To Be Fully Open To Allow The Drawers To Pull Out Fully. They Are Available In Both Left Hand And Right Hand Hinging Configuration.

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Weight 410 kg
Dimensions 500 × 570 × 1800 cm