Registered master key system locks


There are many registered master key locks available in Brisbane. However when you line up the contenders our EVVA 4KS system stands out way in front. The price shown is for the lock cylinder ONLY

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This is a very niche market, however when you need a lock that can not be picked you need a super high grade one. Registered master key system locks are unique in that the keys are EXTREMELEY difficult to copy. There are a few other brands on the market that are good. But not in the same league as our new EVVA 4KS ones. The keys are impossible to snap by hand unlike others such as Bilock. The keys cant be reverse engineered, or copied using a 3D printer. There are 130 BILLION conceivable key combinations and the locks are guaranteed for 5 years.

When we show a potential client how smoothly the key slides in and effortlessly turns much of our sales speil is done. Few people realise that registered master key systems have an end date. The maximum  protection from illegal copying has a maximum of 15 years. EVVA 4KS registered lock systems are protected via its patent until 2035.


Our registered and patented high security locks are also easy to use. If the wrong key is inserted it wont turn. This is boon when compared to Abloy keys. Because when the wrong key is inserted it will turn to around the 4 oclock position. We have been called to remove many snapped and jammed keys from Abloy locks because of this design flaw. Additionally our 4KS master keyed system can be installed into a huge number of Australian locks. Often the cost of installing a registered master key system can climb dramatically because the lock bodies are incompatable.

Obtaining a quote is very simple just count up the number of locks, determine the amount of keys. We will then work out which keys need to work particular locks & then generate the system via our computer. Our registered key system data base will record your signature and when you need extra keys just send us an email. When we get a registered master key copying request we will cross reference the signatures. Only when the signatures match will be issue extra keys.

The lock pictured above sells for $88. An additional charge for the high security pickproof cylinder comes in at $130. They keys range from $38 to $45 each depending on the total number of keys supplied. Call or email us for a site specific quote anytime on 1300 556500.

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