Risco Agility4 Wireless Home Alarm Kit


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The Risco wireless home alarm system kit includes;

  • Risco Agility IP Alarm Kit (includes)
  • Panda Style Keypad
  • 2 PIR’s – pet-friendly standard
  • 2 Remote controls
  • External Siren
  • integration with App on your SmartPhone Alarm

SUPPLY PRICE – for installation Bookings and installation pricing Call our Head office

Agility 4 is also suitable for low risk industrial/office security.


Your family & home are fully protected with Agility 4.

The system supports all state of the art wireless detectors so even the hard to reach areas of your home can be secured with minimal mess and installation time.  There is a wide range of accessories available that will allow us to customise your alarm system beyond what is available in the kit – see product images.

Protect your home and family 24/7 and check in remotely and view video captures when you are not home all on your smartphone device.

Options to add to this kit are;

Panic wristband for the elderly

Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

External Detectors

Ceiling Monitor

Door Detector – buzzes when doors are left open or someone walks into the house unannounced

Glass Breaker detector

please inquire with our digital security department for prices on these extras.

The how to set up of the Risco Agility .

Risco Alarm Features at a Glance

Lightning Fast Mobile Connection
IP or 3G option available.

Save on your Homeowners Insurance
Alarm/CCTV systems gets you discounts on your home insurance. Trusted by all major insurance companies.

No Annual Contracts
Customers use us because of our exceptional security and legendary customer support, not because of contracts.

Pet Friendly
For big or small fur babies, Risco SmartPhone Alarm gets along with pets of all shapes and sizes.

On-the-Go Mobile Control
You’ll have access to advanced system control from your smartphone or laptop.

Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection
Faster smoke and CO sensors ensure your safety in the event of a fire or gas leak emergency.

Secret! Alerts (your eyes and ears at home)
Keep track of kids, fur babies, gun safes, outside perimetre of your home and more.

Wireless Sensors with Extreme Range
Sensors have a 400ft range and protect homes of any size. Systems are customizable to fit your needs.

SMS Text & Email Alerts
With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you’ll know what’s happening, when it happens.

Portable—Take it With You When You Move
Pack up your Risco SmartPhone Alarm and re-install it at your next home. And it grows with you: you can always add more sensors.

Fast To Install— within 2 hours!
Wireless & installs within 2 hours on most kits. Your system is pre- programmed by our technicians and it is a fast set up. Save Hundreds!

Power Outage Protection
Risco Alarm runs on powerful lithium batteries that last up to 5 years so you stay secure when the electricity fails.

Safe Delivery Options

DIY Solutions
  • Borrow a trolley and put it in your van/car
  • Drop off to your garage
  • Recommendation that all safes with bolt holes should be bolted down with approved anchors

Installation = bolt down is a fully licensed technicians install with the approved anchors

Delivery Only = dropped into your garage.

Under 50kgs

  • From $120 delivery only
  • Delivery & installation from $220 – $320
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

Above 50kgs – 140kgs

  • From $180 delivery only
  • Delivery & installation from $220
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

140kgs – 300kg

  • From $240+ delivery only
  •  Delivery & installation from $280
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

From 300 – 500kgs

  • Specific information for delivery required
  •  Delivery & installation from $480
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price

Vault Doors

  • Delivery from $200
  •  Interstate from $240
  • * This price is an approximate price only – Send photos for a frim price


  • This is a highly detailed install/delivery = need photos and details

Sunshine Coast*

  • From $280 delivery and installation available on Friday and Wednesdays *(costs may vary)

Gold Coast*

  • From $280 delivery and installation *(costs may vary)

Interstate delivery door to door only

  • 50kgs = $50
  • 140kgs+ = $240
  • Door to door – custom quote depending on your location
  • Installation – custom quote depending on your home/business

We can deliver your safe to your home in an unmarked vehicle with plain clothes technicians ensuring your privacy.  Our technicians are fully licensed and carry identification and will show it to you upon arrival.