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Schlage Electronic Digital Locks


The price covers the component, call out fee, and install done by one of our locksmiths, nothing more to pay for a straight forward install.


Electronic Keypad that glows in the dark,

Has a key override in case batteries go flat.

Self locking and in some models has a feature that allows passage mode which means you can exit and enter from either side of the house while you are home, great for when the air con is on and you don’t have to jump up to let someone in the house.

When you are having a party when guests arrive you can set it to this mode to make entertaining easier.

You can always let people out at any time in any mode but can set it to lock for the outside entry only.

These do come in a dead bolt version, prices will vary on this one.

An auxillary deadlock should be used when you are going away for extended periods of time or if you go away for the weekend.  This will allow your front door to be insurance complient.


No more keys to loose, carry or forget.

Pre-programmed with two user codes for convenience, you can design your own 4 digit code once installed.

Low Battery Indicator

Grade 2 higher security rating.

Tested for 200 000 uses

Wear resistant silicone coated so the numbers will not wear off.

Auto relock feature means the door will relock after 5 mins once you enter into the house.

Ideal for those with school age children for easy access when you are not home, for rental properties and business offices.