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Used commercial safe ex Brisbane Markets

This used commercial safe had a previous life at the Brisbane Markets where is was filled with lots of cash. Now there are fewer safes being sold for storage of cash. None the less this little beauty still has MANY years of service left in it. It measures 680 x 550 x 590 H X W X D and weighs an astonishing 374kg. Steelages safes were imported into Australia from India and they were well designed and constructed to a very high standard.

The door has a overall thickness of 140mm with the outer "plate" being 25mm. Its rare to find a quality used commercial safe in Brisbane let alone one with a NEW digital lock & extra key lock. The wall thickness on this safe is substantial which is designed to stop angle grinders. Most second hand commercial safes have the standard 12mm steel plate. This safe comes with a 24 month ONSITE warranty and would be suitable for protecting up to $35,000 cash rating.

This cash rating (sometimes called an Insurance rating) is a measure of how hard the safe is to crack. Safes with high cash ratings are VERY hard to crack and this is also reflected in their price.

The inside measurements are 475 x 345 x 310, height by width by depth. Its also worth noting that many used commercial safes on Ebay or Gumtree, are low grade "softfill safes" which is very old school. They used to use sawdust as insulation which over times decays as well as settles. This then leaves a huge airgap at the top which negates the thermal insulation properties of the safe. Concrete is used as both an installation and a attack defence.

We have over 150 safes on display at our showroom and because we move so many safes are very skilled in getting this one or any safe for that matter to you.

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Safe Delivery Options

DIY Solutions
  • Borrow a trolley and put it in your van/car
  • Drop off to your garage
  • Recommendation that all safes with bolt holes should be bolted down with approved anchors

Delivery costs Brisbane Metro, Sunshine Coast*, Gold Coast*

Installation = bolt down is a fully licensed technicians install with the approved anchors

Delivery Only = dropped into your garage.

  • Under 50kgs
    • $120 delivery only
    • Delivery & installation from $220 – $320
  • Above 50kgs – 140kgs
    • $180, delivery only
    • Delivery & installation from $220
  • 140kgs – 300kg
    • $240+ delivery only
    •  Delivery & installation from $280
  • From 300 – 500kgs
    • Specific information for delivery required
    •  Delivery & installation from $480
  • Vault Doors
    • Delivery from $200
    •  Interstate from $240
  • 500kg+
    • This is a highly detailed install/delivery = need photos and details
  • Sunshine Coast*
    • From $280 delivery and installation available on Friday and Wednesdays *(costs may vary)
  • Gold Coast*
    • From $280 delivery and installation *(costs may vary)
  • Interstate delivery door to door only
    • 50kgs = $50
    • 140kgs+ = $240

Interstate & Regional area delivery, we have affiliates who can help install any safe you buy from us
  • Door to door – custom quote depending on your location
  • Installation – custom quote depending on your home/business

Discreet Delivery

We can deliver your safe to your home in an unmarked vehicle with plain clothes technicians ensuring your privacy.  Our technicians are fully licensed and carry identification and will show it to you upon arrival.


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