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When Buying A Bank Vault Is A Good Idea

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Why have a home safe when you can buy a bank vault and repurpose to suit a home safe room.  We understand that most home security solutions are important to the he/she of the household and sometimes you just have more than what can fit into even our largest safes and if you have the space, why not go for bank vault or strongroom door solution.… Read More

Waterproof safes in Australia

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Obviously, safes don’t usually get submerged to a depth that they need a high-grade seal on the door. I believe most people want to ensure their valuables will be safe in the event there is a fire. And should a fire hose be directed at the safe that water won’t enter it. After examining a number of safes that have gone through a fire I have seen NO evidence of water entering the safe from a fire hose.… Read More

Security Tips for your NEW home

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Over the last 40 years I have observed that there are 2 groups of people. Those who are pro-active and those who are re-active. There is no better time to be pro-active and look at home security than when you move into a new house. Sadly many people only look at security AFTER they have been broken into.… Read More

Risco Self Monitored Alarm Systems

The Agility 3 Risco Home self monitored alarm systems is a game changer in the home and commercial security market. We would go even as far to say it is one of the best self monitored home security systems on … Read More

Emergency Locksmiths Forest Lake

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Forest Lake is a young and vibrant suburb on Brisbane’s Southside and like all new suburbs there are a lot of family’s coming and going. Alas, when you and your neighbours aren’t acquainted yet, they might dismiss a strange car parked … Read More

Emergency Locksmith Brisbane – kids have locked the door!

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We get a call every week from a distressed parent needing an emergency locksmith Brisbane. To be able to get into the house or the bathroom because their child has locked the door.  So we thought we would write this blog … Read More


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Security key locks is a favourite subject of mine so here goes. In Australia (Brisbane ) there are no laws preventing anyone from duplicating (copying) any standard key. So if you have a business, a rental property, tennis club etc. … Read More

Floor safe installation instructions Brisbane

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Note, the following floor safe installation instructions are a general guide only and we recommend you do extensive research before installing a floor safe yourself. The we have safe installed is a CMI safe from CMI safe co Sydney. In ground floor safes … Read More

Grill door locks Brisbane Metro area

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Life in QLD necessitates that we have many doors and windows that we use to ventilate and maintain a comfortable surrounding. Grill doors and windows are made from wrought iron and or extruded aluminum. The locks used in these doors … Read More

Glossary of terms for Safes & vaults

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Glossary & Dictionary A.B.P. – Anti blow pipe (i.e. heavy duty heat cutting equipment) Active relocker – A device that enhances the locking of the safe and also is triggered by an unauthorized or attempted opening or breach. Aggregate material … Read More

Safe cash rating or Insurance ratings for safes

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Safe cash rating or Insurance rating are terms that have become synonymous with the storage of valuables and cash. I definitely feel it is by far the most important criteria when choosing a safe. In its simplest form cash ratings are … Read More

Xstrata coal

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KGB Security oversaw several improvements to the general security of our new office including the installation of over 50 window locks and steel plate reinforcement for our front door. Their team of technicians proved to be reliable, fast and efficient, … Read More