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Here at KGB we take pride in our knowledge and resources being always kept at the forefront of security devices, digital CCTV, Alarms and safes. In our blog we have collated 35 years of security knowledge and local market and landscape insight to help you to make the right decisions for not only your home security but locks, door access and safe removal and installations. Our team are always trained to implement the latest devices we think that are the best in the market. The promptness of our staff and their professionalism is what we take great care to ensure that our quality of service and the products we deliver are always the best in price and quality.

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When Buying A Bank Vault Is A Good Idea

When Buying A Bank Vault Is A Good Idea

Why have a home safe when you can buy a bank vault and repurpose to suit a home safe room.  We understand that most home security solutions are important to the he/she of the household and sometimes you just have more than what can fit into even our largest safes and if you have the space, why not go for bank vault or strongroom door solution.

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