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2nd hand cash safe Brisbane

I have been selling safes since 1988 and new safes are great, you can order the exact size you like. You can choose numerous options but you will pay for that privilege. 2nd hand safe are usually 30 to 50% cheaper but the paint may have a few scratches etc. Now a 2nd hand safe can give decades of reliability provided its been serviced. And if it is fitted with a new lock it can be almost as good as buying new safe. We have over 200 safes in our showroom, many types, 2nd hand cash safe, fire safes, gun safes etc.

Because we sell so many safes you can relax knowing that we stand behind the safes we sell. With a new paint job, a digital lock upgrade and some well placed lubricant its possible to save hundreds if not thousands off the same safe when new. Alas there are lots of 2nd hand cash safes for sale on Gumtree and Ebay BUT BE CAREFULL. You could be exposing yourself to a scam, buying a safe you are in fact telling the seller you have valuables. We are licensed and have been in business for 35 years.

With almost 400 Five star Google reviews our commitment to our customers is right there for all and sundry to read !

I recommend doing some research, it wont take much digging to find some basic truths about cash safes, or any safe for that matter. I believe that there is a general consensus from safe experts. Cash ratings are important. Quality digital locks are more secure and more reliable than tradition spin combination locks. As a rough rule of thumb, heavier safes are more secure than lighter ones.

Of course getting a heavy safe into your home is a job for the professionals. However we can give you some great advise if you insist on tackling this task yourself. And if your in a rural area it may not be viable to get a professional to do the install job. In fact we know just about everything there is to know about safes. From fire rated safes, cash deposit safes, home safes our inventory is vast.

So in closing we have a 2nd hand cash safe to suit just about any budget or situation. Call or email or pop in to our safe showroom tomorrow.

2nd hand cash safe
This is NOT a cash safe !








This Lord safe is a great example









2nd hand cash safe
New paint available in almost any colour









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