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2nd hand safes Brisbane CBD & suburbs

Where there is a demand for 2nd hand safes Brisbane residents come to our Rocklea workshop. There they will find a large range of new and 2nd hand safes and because we buy and sell so many safes we ditch the dud ones and pretty up the good ones. Often we remove the original locking mechanism and replace it with a state of the art digital lock.

Spin combination locks have approximately 15 moving parts. Where a La Gard digital electronic lock has only 5 and as such are infinitely more reliable. With all our 2nd hand safes we offer modifications such as posting slots and treasury cabinets.

We have 2nd hand home safes, commercial safes, fire – proof safes (actually they are know as Fire resistant safes) deposit safes and many more. We can advise you on the best type of safe and explain about each safes cash rating. The advantage of buying your safe in Brisbane is that you can see what you are buying.

We have over 100 new and 2nd hand safe at our Coopers Plains Showroom

Because we deliver our own safes (unlike interstate online sellers) there are no Nasty delivery charges. We have been selling safes in Brisbane for almost 34 years and we have dedicated safe and Vault service team. Should you ever have an issue we will be keen to help unlike interstate internet sellers who are keen to extract as much out of you.

If they get a bad reputation they can easily change their name and set up shop again very easily. Our reputation is everything to us and because we operate from a large workshop we are here for the long run. Our mobile safe techs can also provide after sales service to keep your safe in tip top condition.

We also have an after hours emergency service should you need help after hours. I am keen to offer as much help as I can about any safe you are thinking of buying even one from else where, call on 1300 556500.

Lots of safes to choose from

Plasma cutter to modify a safe We also supply and fit strong room doorsSafe Division workshop
Brisbane Southside w/s

2nd hand safes Brisbane to the Gold Coast version 1.81

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