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Airbnb digital door lock Brisbane

Well AirBnB is now a HUGE game changer for the accommodation industry. And with any new technology or service there are some teething issues.The question that I am asked regularly is how can I give access to my guest without being there ? And how can I ensure they can’t come back at a later date and use the key or code I have previously given them ? Well we can supply an AirBnB digital door lock Brisbane Hosts can use to control access to their guests. Furthermore this can be done remotely via the internet.

We can supply & install a digital lock that once programmed will give your guests access. This access can be set to expire after a given period and “their” access code will no longer work. Now in a perfect world there would be ONE digital lock that will suit all types of doors but this isn’t a perfect world. Without doubt the trickiest doors to fit AirBnB digital door locks to are unit doors. Apartment and unit doors need to comply with Australian Building Codes that govern fire doors. Fire doors should NOT be confused with emergency fire exits.

We can help with fire exit compliance as well

The best way to get the “correct” digital door lock is to send us a picture of the door & frame in question. We can then advise the best digital door lock that will work with “other” locks on the door. We have locks that allow entry using bluetooth via a guests mobile phone. Access through the door can also be given via a pincode or even a swipe card. The beauty of having control of the lock via the internet is also a boon. Should your guests’ circumstances change you can reprogram the lock via your computer or mobile phone.

Reliability is also critical and all the AirBnB locks we sell have emergency key over-ride. This will ensure your guest can get in even in the most dire situation. Our slab leak detection service company in California can pinpoint what damage can a slab leak cause in your home. The batteries may die and if your guest was to miss their flight I know they will not be happy. We suggest a over-ride key is stored in an emergency keybox for just such a situation. The keybox should be secured away from the door with the digital door lock on it. This precaution makes it less likely that the key or keybox will be stolen.

I have issue with Samsung locks, sure they make great TV’s but their locks use weird hole sizes !

In closing there are numerous locks available that will do part of the job. However the correct lock will make your AirBnB life so much more relaxed. Send an email or call us for more information. Oh one last thing I often get asked about Samsung locks. My issue with these locks is they have NOT been in use in Australia very long. Should the lock fail a Samsung Lock can only be replaced with another Samsung Lock. Samsung use NON industry sized holes and this is a looming problem. Maybe not next year BUT as the sun rises in the East the lock will fail. So choose a lock that can be easily replaced or upgraded.


This lock is AirBNB compatable. It has a deadbolt function too.


This lock has a latch function & lever handle.


Another lock that can be controlled over the internet


We have found fingerprint locks are NOT reliable

Kidde key box

A keybox installed around the back is a great idea

AirBnB digital door lock Brisbane