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Alarm system servicing Brisbane

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There would not be a mechanic in the World who would argue against the merits of regular car servicing. However when it comes to alarm system servicing I think some people see it as a grudge buy. Of course if your alarm keypad trouble light blinks its not usually a life or death situation. It could just mean the alarm system wont work to its optimum level. However should you have a break in at the same time it could be catastrophic. Insurance companies are ALWAYS looking for ways to deny a claim.

From their vantage point they could argue that they have insured you with the understanding that the alarm is in serviceable condition and that you will use it to protect your assets. I believe the cost of a biannual security system service is a cost that makes sense when you amortize the cost. A regular service (every 2 years) will ensure your electronic security system will work when its most needed. Of course people are often changing the way they use their homes. They might turn a bedroom into a study, turn the garage into a hair salon. If you change your home we can reconfigure your alarm system to reflect the changes.

Most security alarm systems are electronic wizardry however all electronic equipment has either a use by date or it is superseded. With a wired alarm system most of the installation expense is in the running of the cables. Its very easy to give an old alarm system a heart transplant. This can save you significant money as well as giving you extra option unavailable with the old one.

We can set up a service schedule to suit your specific circumstances and it can even be done out of hours if required. Call us today to arrange your alarm system servicing appointment.

Regardless of where you are we can be there at a time that suits you !

Our techs are uniformed, polite and punctual !

We can advise you on the latest options as well !

The smartphone has revolutionised the way people use their alarm systems

For 28 years we have operated from a shop unlike many van based tradies

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