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Aluminium door lock Brisbane repairs and replacements

Affordable aluminium door lock Service in Brisbane

The Aluminium door lock would have to be one of the most popular door locks in Brisbane. After wooden door locks that is, then security doors. The most common location for aluminium doors (after patio doors ) is Aluminium shop fronts.

Aluminium door locks fitted to the front door of a business are generally fairly robust. Thank heavens that most aluminium door locks (shop ) in Brisbane are only 1 of 5 popular makes. This means that unlike wooden doors we can repair or replace them quickly and efficiently.

Shop front aluminium doors are either single swinging. Double swinging or sliding, with sliding aluminium doors slowly becoming less popular as they often have roller issues. They are also much easier to break into.

We have repaired and replaced many thousands of aluminium door lock in Brisbane and its suburbs over the last 25 years. The reason that these locks fail is wide and varied. However the urgency to secure the door is always the same, as soon as possible.

Our after hours service is available for emergencies too

We find that aluminium lock repairs are usually needed either first thing (when the store owner cant get the door open ) or last thing in the day. We have an emergency locksmith service ready and waiting. In such a situation we usually get there in an hour excepting for heavy Brisbane peak hour traffic.

The most difficult aluminium door lock repairs we do are after a break and enter. Aluminium is relatively soft. As such it bends very easily when criminals use a jimmy bar or pry bar.

Whilst we can always get a damaged door open and the locks repaired or replaced. Sometimes we have to remove the entire door and get a fabricator to replace the damaged section. Often after a break in we are asked to suggest ways to stop the criminals getting back in.

We have many options for increasing the security of aluminium door locks. What ever your need we can help, call us today on 1300 556500.


The most common shop front door lock

Block locks are really TOUGH to break !!!

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