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Armoury door for Bunker or Vault

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We were recently called upon to install an Armoury Door in place of an existing fire door. The job was done for a large Australian Movie production company in the Brisbane CBD. Even their “Mock” firearms must be stored securely when not being used as they are almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing. The solution was to install a light grade strong room door in place of a standard fire door. It is worth noting that a light grade vault door is very different from a Strongroom door.  A Strong room door is usually found in banks and weighs approximately 1400 to 2000kg,  and is incredibly hard to drill, cut, or torch open.

A light grade vault door is also referred to as a Bookroom door but weighs only about 400kg.

These are great for use as a Armory Vault door or Armoury strong room door as they can be installed easily without the need for major bracing of the wall.  A traditional Bank vault wall must be strong enough to hold a Vault or Strongroom door so when the door is in the open position the wall can support it. Of course for a smaller weapons or gun safe the bookroom door was just the ticket. The Qld Police (weapons branch) were happy to sign of on it and of course the electronic security was also installed.

This Vault dates back to the 1930’s

armoury door - chubbs banker safe

A Chubb Bankers grade vault

Chubb Armoury door

Chubb Armoury door

We have removed many a Bookroom Strongroom and Armoury door over the last 20 years

There is an abundance of old Vaults & strongrooms throughout Australia that the banks installed when the buildings were built. The Banks quickly found out that it does not make economic sense to build heavy and expensive Vaults / Strongrooms that cannot be removed once the branch closes or relocates.  The Banks now use demountable Vaults that are modular and weigh between 10,000kg and 30,000 kg (typically)  These Vaults are sold under a variety of names, InstaVault, PortaVault to name two.  We are happy to provide a quotation to supply, install, remove or repair any type of vault or strongroom.

In addition we can upgrade the locking mechanism to a digital lock which makes the Vault/Armoury both much more user friendly and secure.

Should you lose your gun safe or pistol safe keys or combination,  we also have a dedicated safe cracking service, whether its drilling the safe open, making new keys for a safe or installing  new batteries for a safe we are very skilled and motivated  to solve your safe lockout problem.  We stock many types of  safes that are suitable for pistols and long arms, and if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for we can source either a new or secondhand Vault, Strongrooms door, gun safe, rifle safe, in fact any safe for small and large quantities of firearms.  Click here to see our NEW strongroom doors – Note these are a stock item & available left & right hinged !

6000Ib Armoury door

This door weighs 6000kg !

Armoury door spin safe

2 spins combo are better than 1 and 4 is better than

1400kg armoury door

This door weighs 1400kg


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