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Automatic door openers for Disabled and Handicapped


Automatic door openers for Disabled and Handicapped come in two grades.

Commercial variety and domestic ones which can be installed above just about any door. In Brisbane public commercial buildings there are many automatic door openers already installed. They are usually found at the main entrance and near the amenities of many public building.

Automatic sliding doors seem to be more common than swing doors.

These suit higher traffic better than doors that swing the traditional 90 degrees. Over the last 30 years there has been a steady increase in the demand for domestic automatic door openers. More efficient and reliable models are now available at lower prices than only 5 years ago.

Commercial automated door openers are larger and designed for a much higher traffic load than their domestic counterparts.

The domestically rated automatic door openers we install can be fitted to almost any domestic door and frame set. They are usually fitted to the top of the door frame and have a release mechanism which will allow the door to be returned to its normal operation when required. The standard power source is 240 volts which is then transformed down to 12 volt DC.

The control of door can be opened in a number ways. Commonly a small remote transmitter that can be attached to a wheelchair or walking frame with self adhesive Velcro tape.

residential over the top automatic door openers for disabled

The able bodied often cant appreciate how hard opening a door can be !

remote control automatic door openers for disabled

This small remote makes opening any door a breeze.

Many of our customers have struggled with opening doors for years and express there relief and gratitude once the door opener is installed.

I regularly hear people say they should have done it years ago. Having a disability is made bearable when you are surrounded by compassionate people and aides. Technology is closing the gap between the able bodied and the disabled.

Doors and doorways have not changed much over the last few hundred years but automatic and automated door closers have certainly improved access and mobility for those less mobile than the average.


We can come out and inspect your particular situation. Then provide a quotation to install a door opener anywhere in Brisbane or South East Qld. Call today on 1300 556500.