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Bluetooth Lock Installation Brisbane

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My smartphone has revolutionised my life. I use it keep me up to date with so many things and people but its capable of so much more. Over the last few years smartphone use has increased exponentially and no where more than with tap and pay. However the next frontier it will conquer is security. You can use your smartphone to arm and disarm your alarm as well as check in on your security cameras. But bluetooth locking as lagged somewhat. Over the last 5 years there have been a few bluetooth locking systems but they have had limited success. Lately I have fielded more bluetooth lock installation queries with people wanting the convenience and security this technology offers.

Traditionally businesses take up the latest security options that come onto the market and then these items make their way into the residential market. Sadly there are so many bluetooth locks on Ebay etc that are poor quality. The real issue here is that they MAY operate successfully for a few months or years. BUT if and when they fail you are faced with 2 problems. The first is you will be locked out and the 2nd is the lack of spare parts or even a replacement lock. Samsung locks have been available for a number of years and over those years they have changed the design a number of times. This means you cant replace an old one with a new one without major rectification work.

Wifi operated locks is an alternative to bluetooth connected locks and each have advantages and disadvantages. Wifi operated locks are usually linked via a modem and have their own IP address. This allows the lock to be “updated” from anywhere there is a working internet connection. This is much more convenient than having to attend site & update the lock manually. Being able to update the lock remotely appeals to many Air B & B operators. Adding and deleting users is easy and you can have up to 1000 “bluetooth keys”. Its also easy to program the lock so users can only have access on specific days and times.

Because we have a thorough understanding of electronic locking systems we can advise and install a reliable smartphone lock or locking system. The options we install will give years of trouble free service. Rather than talk about specific bluetooth locks I suggest you call or email. That way we can arrange to come to your premises for a free site inspection. We have a multitude of bluetooth locks to suit a number of different situations. Air B & B locking systems is also a growth market and we have a number of workable options for this situation. Please call or email me for more information at [email protected] or by phone on 1300560055.


Bluetooth Lock Installation
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