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Break and enter repairs Brisbane wide — same day !

Most people hopefully wont have the misfortune to become a victim of a break & enter. Alas statistics show that once you have had a break in the chances of a second or even third increase dramatically. We have been doing break and enter repairs Brisbane wide for near 34 years now !

We always look at each job with the question in mind. That question is, what can we do to both repair the damage and also make it harder for the criminals to get in ? I am always amazed to see locksmiths who will replace a damaged lock after a break in. And do the repair with the exact same lock. If the crims have had success in defeating one lock of course they will do it again.

Why would you put the exact same lock lock on ? Often we are asked to repair doors that have been jimmied open. Instead of replacing the doors we can strengthen the door by adding steel or aluminum plates.

The doors pictured below is an example of changing the lock to one that is substantially stronger. We removed the knobset and tacky looking plate that another locksmith had installed. Fitted 2 custom plates and then installed a “double block lock” which is bolted through the door with large bolts.

If you need a break in repair after hours, we WILL help !

Bolts will always be stronger than screws. We do break and enter repairs Brisbane wide. And can be there before close of business the same day in most circumstances.

Call us on 1300 556500 and we will take care of it for you !

Incredibly this client had had his front doors forced open previously. See his dodgy plate repair and just like clockwork the criminals came back & attacked the door the same way. We believe that we have increased the security of the doors and made it look more attractive.

We are busy with work for break and enter repairs in Brisbane suburbs. Click the link at the bottom of the page to look at break in repairs for the Brisbane area.

Break and enter repairs Brisbane version 1.32

Observe the prybar mark on the LH door, they got in easily !

This door lock was incorrectly installed by a handyman !

This door will be harder to break in to because we completely changed the lock type !

Break and enter repairs Brisbane wide -same day – Vers 1.12

Break and enter repairs Brisbane statistics – Brisbane, click here