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Break And Enter Repairs Brisbane

Most heap safes are easy to crack open such as this one from a hardware store !
Brisbane is not immune from the most common crime, the “break & enter” or “forced entry”. This crime is not only costly financially and emotionally. However, statistics show once you have been the target of a B & E, criminals are much more likely of returning. We have over 34 years with break & enter repairs.

Break And Enter Repairs in Brisbane

Repairing the door and or frame back to its original state. Additionally providing options to make it harder for crims to do another break and enter. Insurance companies will only pay to “reinstate” the door and frame back to the way it was prior to the break & enter. Theoretically the criminal could use the same tools and same effort and get in again.

Criminals are termed by Psychologists as “psychologically lazy” . They will always be attracted to the easiest method to get money which for them is commonly the break and enter. Many studies have shown you must make it more difficult to deter them. After a break and enter this could be replacing hollow cored doors with solid core doors.

Installing locks of a higher quality, using “door armour” or adding steel sheeting to the outside of a door. We can advise you on what is required to make your home or business more secure. As well as less attractive to criminals either by fitting a burglar alarm, physical security or a combination of both.

No matter how bad the damage is we can secure your door or doors !

Insurance companies are renowned for recovering their premiums (eventually) and where break and enters are concerned they frequently penalize you if you live or trade in a suburb or location that has a higher break & enter ratio than another suburb. Brisbane has many low risk suburbs but it seems as quickly as home and business owners fit locks & alarms to stop criminals they simply target homes & business’s that have inadequate security or that has not had a “security upgrade” in a while.

Just like computers where you must keep your operating system updated to keep hackers away you must update your physical security to keep criminals away. I advocate you must deter crime by being proactive, it doesn’t mean locking your house up so it looks like a prison, but rather taking steps to appear more difficult to the criminal.

Repair Break And Enter System in Brisbane

I am always amazed at how criminals seem to have a radar or sixth sense for criminal opportunity, many times home & business owners tell me, “I never have that much money” or “it was just a couple of minutes that the door was unlocked” so as well as putting deadlocks & window locks on you need to adopt an attitude of defense as well as habitually using the security you have installed. This could be turning on the alarm even if you are going to the shops for 5 minutes. The Qld police has a free crime prevention service. They will visit your home or business and appraise your risk and offer up solutions. Of course we would like you to call us for a quote. Finally it is easy to succumb to the general apathy about reducing forced entry and I regularly hear the pessimistic misnomer.

We are fully licensed as per the Qld Security Providers act !

“If a crim wants to get in he will get in” well if that were the case the banks would have no money. The other I hear is “locks only keep honest people out”, I say poppycock. I don’t know any “honest people” that want to break through a door or deadlock and steal some else’s property. Get cranky about crims stealing your possessions and causing trauma for you and or your family.

Fight back, participate in your safety and call us for help. Of course you dont have to have a break & enter to need a repair done. Sometime locks break down from everyday wear & tear. We have 9 mobile van that can expertly repair all types of locks quickly and efficiently to all Brisbane suburbs. We do it 24 hours 7 days per week.  Lock repairs Brisbane available by calling our 24 hour emergency locksmith hotline 1300 556500

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