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breakin repairs Brisbane suburbs 24 7

We can provide breakin repairs for door locks that have been damaged as a result from a break and enter. KGB Security has been repairing B & E damage for almost 20 years. Our large range of products make it harder for the criminals to break in. Specialized lock repairs and lock rekeying along with our 24 hour locksmith service to all Brisbane suburbs.

If you have had one break in there is a statistically much greater chance of you being a victim a second time. Insurance companies are very aware of this and will usually increase your premium to recover payouts. Some Brisbane suburbs have gained an unwanted reputation for B & E.

This can definitely affect the selling price of your home. Our company offers real solutions to deter criminals from targeting your home. Reliable back to base alarm systems as well as security locks for your windows and doors.

Often Insurance companies will only repair the door and or frame back to its original condition. Even though it may only cost a small amount more to improve your security they will insist any extra charges are met by the owner. We will offer suggestions to make it harder for crims to get in the same way whilst keeping the look of your home aesthetically pleasing.

You will also have access to reliable and trustworthy carpenters who work with us to deliver the repairs to your home and business in a timely manner. We accept all forms of payment including AMEX and Eftpos and in certain circumstances we can offer a credit account.

Here are some pictures of some safes that have been cracked by amateur thieves.

Break in repairs are a specialty for u

Safe damaged from Break in

Where-ever there is a reward criminals come looking !

Most cheap safes are easy to crack open such as this one from a hardware store !

Breakin repairs Brisbane suburbs – 24 -7 version 1.2

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