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Our latest budget priced strong room door is a light grade vault door and would be great as a gun room or armoury door. The closest door I can find on the CMI Basic Grade SRD4 and it retails for $6100 plus freight from Sydney. Our Vaultcorp SRDS1 door is very similar in construction and design. It does come standard with emergency release and digital lock however. The CMI Basic grade SRD4 weighs 310kg and ours weighs 240kg as the frame is of a lighter grade. The CMI SRD4 comes STANDARD with a keylock and the digital option is EXTRA.

Our budget priced strong room door has a “walk through” opening size of 1883mm high x 760mm wide. The wall opening size required is 1970mm high and 890mm wide. The SRDS1 has a total of 8 bolts, 4 on the opening side & 4 on the hinge side. This door has a 2 part clam shell frame that will fit standard 190mm besser block walls. Once the door is standing up and the frame is clamped in place. All that is needed is to drill 4 additional holes through the inner frame & bolt in place.

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The outer “plate” is made from 6mm steel and has hardened plate covering the vital parts of the lock. We can ship this door anywhere in Australia at a reasonable rate. You can either pick it up from a transport depot close to you or we can have it delivered to your door for an additional charge.

This door is perfect for a Mancave, weapons or reloading room and priced well at $3900 + gst. We have limited stock of these doors so be quick. We do of course have heavier grade strong room doors in stock.

Additionally we can assist you with installing this door as we have installed over 60 doors in the last 7 years. Call or email if you have any questions.

Budget priced Vault door

Internal emergency release mechanism fitted as standard

Budget priced strong room door Australia version 1.21

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