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Burglary damage repairs Brisbane

A break and enter is an unpleasant experience but sadly it is becoming more prevalent in Brisbane than you might think. However the good news is we have extensive experience with burglary damage repairs and restoration. Criminals are lazy by nature and they usually take the course of action that requires the least effort.

To deter crime the boffins say install extra security. Extra security does not mean 6 locks on your front door and high tech laser beam alarm. It just means more security than the average target.

After any burglary I recommend doing a “key audit” as criminals will take spare keys every time. They know its much easier to use a key as it is far less dangerous than the alternative. If you are even the slightest bit unsure as to if you have key or keys missing after a break and enter its very easy for us to change the locks so the old keys will no longer work.

Of course after we have repaired the burglary damage. We will alway offer advice on how to make it even harder for the burglars next time. Insurance companies will almost always accept charges for legitimate break & enter repairs.

However they will not pay for any work that is additional. Typically the door and door frame, locks and hinges are often repaired. However installing better deadlocks or metal sheeted doors is not allowed.

Statistics show that if you are the victim of a break and enter there is a high chance you will be targeted again. As I have previously stated, to make your property less attractive as a break & enter target. Simply install extra security, we also have a electronics division.

They can design a security alarm system that will definitely cause the crims to look twice at your property. Call us today for expert advice on burglary damage repairs anywhere in Brisbane our emergency break & enter repair service hotline number is 1300 556500


We our fleet of mobile service vans we can help !Big security camera jobs or small domestic security alarms – we do it all !Big security camera jobs or small domestic security alarms – we do it all !

For 27 years we have operated from a shop !

Burglary damage repairs Brisbane

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