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CCTV camera system Logan City & Beenleigh


CCTV camera systems are definitely a great tool to both deter and reduce crime. The Logan city council recently rolled out a comprehensive CCTV camera system in Logan city as part of a Government funded program aimed at providing security. With each installation of  a CCTV camera system Logan city residents become more relaxed about their safety and security.

We have the expertize and motivation to design and install a CCTV camera system that will both deter and assist in the identification of criminals breaking the law. We have been selling and installing all types of security in Logan city for 25 years. We originally opened our security business in Greenbank with our original emphasis on physical security. As demand for better security increased we developed and tailored electronic security products to the local market.

With an increase in litigation, CCTV cameras can be a critical in providing an accurate record of events in legal proceedings. Many slip and fall claims have shown to be “staged” when the CCTV camera data is examined. Employers are also using CCTV camera systems to keep an eye on cash transactions as well as shoplifters.

The key to a good CCTV camera system is the placement  as well as the resolution and quality of the cameras. Data storage hard drive should also be of sufficient size so as when there is a need to go back to look at an event it has not been “written over”  We often find Business’s install a few cameras and they prove so valuable that the owners upgrade the CCTV system with more not aware that this also puts limits on the length of time the images are kept.

With more cameras the hard drive soon becomes full and the oldest events are written over which can happen in 1 or 2 days. The problem becomes evident when you go looking for an event and it is gone, for this reason we advocate either a large hard drive or a backup regime. Should you want us to come out and give you a site specific quote call us today on 1300 556500. 

Day and night cameras provide quiet witness
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