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Chubb Europa grade 3 Vs Guardall KCR Security

First of all I have been servicing and selling safes for 36 years. During this time I have seen some very good safes and alas also some very bad ones. If you are considering buying a “top end” safe the Chubb Europa is certainly marketed that way. Chubb safes with a doubt have been at the forefront of innovative safe design for most of last century. Chubb safes closed their Sydney manufacturing plant in the late 1980’s. Sadly Australian workers didn’t please the accountants and others who were responsible for the costing out of Australian made safes. Today Chubb safes is a brand name owned by Gunnebo which is a huge multinational. Gunnebo have interests in just about every modern country in the World.

The Chubb Europa grade 3 and grade 5 is currently made in Indonesia and shipped to Gunnebo’s Australian head office in Sydney. Its worth noting that safes are graded according to their strength with the highest rating being a 7. The grading scale is determined by the safes construction and design. Grade 3 has a $100,000 cash rating and grade 5 a $250,000 rating. The Chubb Europa has a glass relocking system, antidrill hardplate. Additionally it has angled deflection plates protecting lock body. The outer skin on the door and walls is around 3mm with the inside skin being similar. The “barrier” material is a high a density refactory composite which closely resembles concrete. The Chubb Europa grade 3 has been tested to protect paper in a furnace for 1 hour, the size 5 is 1468 mm tall and weighs 1168kg.

The Guardall KCR series is made in China and has been available for around 8 years, it comes in 8 sizes. Because the most testing and rating is done in Europe or the United States the KCR does not have a FORMAL rating. The KCR has a 10mm outer skin on the door and a 6mm skin on the body, the inside skin on the door is 5 mm and the inside on the body or walls is 3mm. The KCR has a glass relocking, antidrill hardplate but it also has a another 100mm wide antidrill plate covering the front part of the body. This armourized plate is placed to stop “side penetration” and is fairly unique in the safe world. The KCR size 7 is 1400 mm tall and weighs 1030kg. Guardall rate their KCR series as a grade 4 and as such give it a $200,000 cash rating.

I have opened both so am well skilled to talk on each safes strengths and weaknesses and invite you to ask any questions you may have every email on the site comes directly to me.  Finally the retail price for the Chubb G3 size 5 is $6829 + shipping from Sydney. The retail for the KCR7 is $5180 + shipping from Sydney !

See our entire KCR range; HERE.

First of all we operate from professional premises not a house or a POST OFFICE BOX

Most of all DONT use someone who is UNLICENSED, no matter how cheap they seem

A KCR 9 with extra shelves

Especially relevant, quality boltwork is important

An OLD STYLE heavy duty safe – 1450 tall – 1800 kg !

We do our own safe deliveries and installs !

Almost every week we move a big safe !

Chubb Europa’s have been around for approx 10 years