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Chubb Safe repairs Brisbane

Chubb will go down in history as one of the worlds great safe makers. I opened my first Chubb safe beside my boss in 1976 when I was a trainee. In the last 40 years I have seen thousands of Chubb safes, serviced many hundreds and probably cracked opened a similar number. When we do Chubb safe repairs Brisbane home and business owners know we do it right. Alas I have seen lots of Chubb safes damaged beyond repair by locksmiths that think safe cracking is easy.

Well some safe service or cracking jobs are easy but when its a tricky one you would be best using an expert. Servicing safes must be done correctly as if the safe locks you out the cost to OPEN it  can be scary. Safes by design will resist any attempt to bypass the legitimate opening sequence. Of course digital locks make operating the safe a breeze compared to old spin dial locks. Digital locks dont need to be serviced to the same extent as key and combination locks. But they still require some form of servicing.

We have almost 400 five star Google reviews BECAUSE we are customer focused !

We have done a huge variety of Chubb safe repairs Brisbane home owners are thankful for. For example we have repaired worn hinges and broken handles that others say cannot be done. There is a balancing act to ensure the cost of the repair make economic sense. Chubb safes were built to a standard not a price. Alas many of todays safes are not in the same league as older Chubb safes.

Brisbane is getting more populace each and every day. That said we still manage to get to our clients in a time frame that suits them. From Bribie Island down to Hope Island and out to Hatton vale. We attend all manner of Chubb safe repairs. Its not only Chubb we service, we have a huge array of spares to suit just about every safe brand Brisbane has to offer.

If you need a Chubb safe repair and are unsure where to turn. Send us a photo of your safe along with a quick description of the problem and we will price up a realistic estimate and feasible solution.

Chubb safe repairs Brisbane
This Chubb safe needed a new digital lock !


Chubb safe repairs Brisbane
Our fleet of service vans can get to MOST Brisbane suburbs when our clients want









Chubb safe repairs Brisbane
We even do repairs on Chubb Vault doors









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