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CMI Homeguard safe review

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There is lots of competition in the “home safe” arena and also a lot of junk, most of which is not worth the time and effort doing a review on. Today I am reviewing one of the more popular safes in this market, CMI’s Homeguard HG1D. CMI’s Homegard HG1 comes with key, combo and digital locking options. Digital locking variants outsell the competition by a ratio of almost 10 to 1.

The HG1 door has a 10mm steel door, a bolt that locks the top of the door and 3 bolts which lock the side of the door.

It has 2 boltdown holes and should be bolted down as it weighs 140kg. The suggested cash rating for the CMI HG1 is $10,000.

There are secondary relocking devices. The theory here is crims cant simply remove the keypad to dislodge the lock by punching it off. This safe is priced around $1200. It represents a great value.

In addition to the CMI safe, we also offer the newly upgraded BFG400S3 safe at our Brisbane showroom. If you are looking for a higher cash rating, the BFG safe has a cash rating of $45,000! Come on in and see the safes side by side.


CMI Homeguard Safe HG1D



BFG 400 S3


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