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CMI PR4 Premier vault door

We had to lift the CMI PR4 Premier vault door over a balcony to get it in.

We were recently called upon to install a CMI PR4 Premier Vault door. The CMI Premier door is the 2nd highest grade strongroom door that CMI manufacture. It is one grade down from CMI Commander Strong room door and of higher grade than both the CMI Basic and the CMI Commercial doors. The Premier PR4 strong room door and frame weighs 750kg, is classed as a TDR strong room door and has a $100,000 cash rating. The CMI PR4 Premier vault door was to be used to protect top end firearms and jewellery and had to be installed within a tight time frame.

We received the contract to supply and install the door so long as it could be done within 3 weeks from order placement. Fortunately an associate of mine had a door in stock as there is usually a 6 to 10 week manufacture cycle. The door was shipped and we had it installed in a day. We supply and install many lighter grade strongroom and vault doors in and around Brisbane and ship the balance to all parts of Australia.

Light grade strongroom doors can have either a 6mm or 12 mm out steel plate and additional defense mechanisms. These mechanisms can stop a criminal from cracking them in a number of ways. Hardened steel plates cover the vital workings from drilling and cutting. Our most popular vault door is Guardall’s KS-SR door. Because the door sells for around $5000 plus freight we send them to all corners of this big brown land. It comes standard with a high grade digital lock and emergency release lever.

These light and medium grade strong room doors can be installed onto Besser block walls. Commander and other heavy duty doors require a very heavy wall. When the door is opened at 90 degrees it exerts tremendous pressure on the supporting wall. The wall can easily crack if it not strong enough. We have extensive experience both selling and installing strong room doors and frames.

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CMI PR4 Premier vault door supply and installation ver 1.32

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Standing the door up !

CMI Vault door installed and ready to go

Note how thick the CMI PR4 Premier vault door is !

This “modular Vault’ weighs 15,000 kg and we both install and remove them all over Queensland !

We normally hold stock of the Chubb Holsworthy door as well

Now THAT’s a vault door !

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