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CMI safe repairs Brisbane


The CMI safe company definitely makes quality safes but even quality products can and do fail. We have all the gear to open service and maintain any CMI safe anywhere in Brisbane. Alas safes are different than door locks in that if someone drills a hole in the wrong place a special relock device can be fired. If this happens the cost of opening the safe can rise dramatically. We have been performing CMI safe repairs Brisbane residents and businesses rely on for more than 30 years.

Most locksmiths can do the easy safe jobs such as opening a Bunnings safe but are out of their depth with other safe work. Our team of dedicated staff do the easy safe jobs as well as the tough safe jobs. Typically a tough safe job could be a lost combination on a high grade safe. If a burglar attacks a safe and smashes the spin dial off the safe may have to be drilled open. Safes have hardened anti drill plates. These plates along with other mechanisms can really test even the most confident safe cracker.

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We also can manipulate a safe open. This is where we use a audio amplifier like a stethoscope to hear the clicks the tumblers make. Investment in the latest safe cracking tools also allows us to open electronic digital locks whithout drilling them. The problem with drilling safes open is more about the repairs. To repair the safe welding is often needed. Welding is dangerous work and often its best to remove the safe rather than do the welding where the safe is.

CMI safes repaired professionally anywhere in Brisbane

Being a CMI safe service agent we carry most parts needed to repair just about every CMI safe there is in Brisbane. If you need your CMI safe cracked or repaired urgently or the same day we can help. In fact we can even open CMI safes after hours. However being specialised work the cost will also be relative to the difficulty and quality of the damaged CMI safe.

Its NOT only CMI safes that we repair and service. We will open. repair and service any safe their is in Brisbane. Gun safes. drug safes, bank safes, deposit safes, electronic safes, we can fix them all. If you have a broken CMI safe we will most likely ask you to send us a photo of the safe so we can quote you to open the safe.

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Click here to see a really good video of a professional safe cracker cracking a quality safe

Drilling a safe open is sometimes the only option

Our 3t forklift makes working on safes a breeze

We have all the specialist gear to repair any safe !

Drilling a quality safe sometimes requires a magnetic drill press

A CMI safe ready to have a new Eectronic keypad installed