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Commercial 24 hr locksmith Brisbane

Being a commercial 24 hr locksmith takes more than having a van and a load of spare parts, its about anticipating how thieves and bandits will think and act. Its more than being able to do late night calls most of the time. We have 25 years of history to draw from and our team of dedicated people make sure we can provide service to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Yes the single one man band “Vannie” tradesmen might be a little cheaper but what happens to you when you need your door lock repaired and he is doing another job or is sick with gastro. In short when your business need a reliable locksmith we can deliver. Commercial locks are more robust have many more options than domestic ones and need to be compliant to fire regulations.

The Workplace Health & safety Act and associated regulations that all business owners now must meet place a greater onus on protecting staff and customers from injuries. We can assist you to protect your staff from risks such as Fire and armed hold up. Our Electronic security division can design and implement a state of the art access control system that will allow you to control who comes and goes through any door or lock.

It is now possible to have a smart card open a padlock, it can be programed to only open at a particular time and also keep a record of all users that have had access. Of course many companies have systems to help keep on top of their business, our admin team are here to provide any support that you need and once you have met our credit criteria we can provide a credit facility. If you require access to WHS data such as safe work method statements and risk assessments these can also be furnished. Call 1300 556500 now we are keen to help.


Big or small we can help !

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