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Commercial electric locks Brisbane

Commercial electric locks are in another league when compared to many cheap import locks that are available online. A commercial electric lock has to be more robust and will usually have many more options available. Over the last 20 years I have seen the number of electric locks (correctly termed electronic locks ) increase dramatically.

The reason is twofold, the first being that it is now so easy to buy anything from overseas. Secondly the demand, Brisbane business owners like everyone else are time poor so any device that can make life simpler is a boon. A electronic lock on your front door means you can get in without keys. Just like being able to access your work computer remotely gives great convenience.

We have installed numerous commercial electric locks in lots of different formats and situations over the last 25 years. Commercial electric locks can be battery powered.  They can be connected to a power supply which is more reliable and in “secure critical” situations is essential. In the event the door you are securing is a high traffic one you would be wise to install a magnetic lock.

These locks have no moving parts and are locked when powered and release when the power is turned off. With many offices security of the staff is paramount. It is easy to secure the front doors of the business and then after the identity or motive of the stranger has been established.Only then the door can be opened from a switch on a desk or similar.

Being able to quickly delete a user from the system is another big advantage and particularly beneficial with a large group of employees. I have seen many installations where the electric lock is installed correctly but little thought has been given to the fire regulations. We are happy to arrange for a onsite inspection and then offer practical solutions, call 1300 556500.

A typical “prox reader” fitted to a commercial door.

Many “domestic grade ” locks wont last in commercial situations.

Commercial grade – electronic lock – battery powered for 2- 3 years

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