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Commercial Locksmith Brisbane – Ipswich

Commercial locksmithing is very different from domestic locksmithing. The usage or “traffic” a commercial lock gets far exceeds that of domestic ones. Criminals often target business’s after hours as they are often unattended for longer periods. We can supply and fit locks master key systems and restricted key locks to suit your specific requirements.

These are very common in the commercial world. With multiple keys being handed to multiple employees it is critical they cant open a lock they are not supposed. With ordinary keys it is possible to get multiple copies cut without the owners authority. Technically allowing these keys to be given to criminal associates.

We can inspect your premises and suggest a range of options. Suiting both your budget and time frame. Quotations for access control systems are also common requests from business’s in Brisbane. The ability to add and delete access cards or pincodes for a common entry door is advantageous where there is a large employee base or a high staff turnover.

We also repair and rekey most locks the same day. Of course we have a genuine after hours locksmith service. So regardless of the size of your business when you need a commercial locksmith Brisbane s KGB Security Locksmiths has the desire and motivation to provide the service you require.

When it comes to commercial locksmithing we have extensive knowledge and experience. We regularly solve complex lock problems for our customers. Have a large number of successful completions under our collective belts.

Commercial locksmithing also tends to be time critical. Busy body corporate managers are less concerned with excuses and more impressed by action. We are confident we can deliver security solutions.

Relevant to your particular requirements, in a time frame that suits you. When you cant get the answers you need. Give us a call and we will design a solution to even the most complex security  problem, call us today on 1300 556500.

Brisbane city  Commercial Locksmith

Tech performing Alarm system repairs Brisbane in March

The only problem with Commercial Locksmith Brisbane city is parking, however we are quick