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commercial locksmith services Brisbane

We have been providing our commercial locksmith services in and around Brisbane for more than 29 years. With an extensive array of security products available we provide a real obstacle to those wanting to steal your stock and interrupt your business. We have extensive experience with commercial locksmithing also.

This is very different from domestic or residential work. Some commercial locksmith services we offer are. Restricted master key systems, fire exit door locking audits, high traffic door closer installation and high security door lock installation. Commercial locks are subject to much higher traffic volumes than domestic ones.

Recently we replaced an entry door of a college where it was subject to more than 1500 openings per day. The original door lock and door closer found the amount of work too much. So we installed a magnetic door lock and a card swipe system. The magnetic door lock has no moving parts and as such is much better suited to high traffic environments.

We also have a dedicated emergency service response team for any emergency. The pressures on Brisbane businesses mean that downtime can be costly. We are often called to attend emergency lock repairs both at the start and the end of the business day. If the staff cant open the doors to get in its easy to lose precious trading time.

We are dedicated to providing a mobile locksmith service when and where you want it. Regardless of the time of day or night. Our highly experienced field technicians can also suggest ways to enhance your security. Both physically and electronically because criminals know that the chances of getting caught in the middle of the night is less than in the day.

We can also custom fabricate security devices to suit your particular situation. We recently designed and built some custom covers to help defend against cordless angle grinder attacks. This particular electronics store was being subjected to break and enters where the criminals regularly cut the locks with a cordless angle grinder. Once we installed our protective armored covers the attacks ceased, this is typical of the solutions we find of problems in the field.

Heading inbound on the M1 freeway near the Nursery rd exit

Bank Vault doors are the one of the harder jobs we do

An electronically controlled Magnetic lock

Stainless steel covers to resist angle grinders !!

Commercial Locksmith services Brisbane Vers 1.21

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