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Deadlocks for doors Brisbane homes & business’s

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Deadlocks for doors have become the most installed security device in Brisbane homes and business’s. They are much more difficult to defeat than the old style Yale type lock. These can be “slipped” with a credit card or piece of plastic. Deadlock describes the rigidity of the tongue of the lock which cant be pushed back when the door is closed. The term “double deadlock” is actually slang usually means the lock has a keyhole on the inside. Additionally the bolt or tongue is rigid and when locked stops the door from being opened.

Typically you would “double deadlock” your home on exiting and then if a criminal enters through a window (chimney for an extra determined criminal) cant go out through the deadlocked door with the stolen goods. Criminals don’t like going out  a window with the loot as it is very obvious to all what is going on, increasing the chances of being caught dramatically.

We have deadlocks to suit all types of doors. Allow us to offer you advice on fitting deadlocks to all types of homes and business’s in Brisbane. If you already have dead locks we can rekey your deadlocks to one (type) of key. This greatly reduces fumbling and frustration. We also support the Qld Police departments crime [prevention program. They offer unbiased advice on why fitting deadlocks make so much sense. We also belong to the Locksmith Guild of Australia (LGA) and they have a quick reference guide on what you can do to make your home a less attractive target. Call us today for advice on double deadlocks or security locks today on 1300 556500


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