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Digital door lock Brisbane


Modern life is busy, most everyone is racing, racing to get home, racing to get to work. Yes life is busy and as a result we do lots of lock outs. Digital door locks eliminate the need for keys and we have a large variety of brands and models to choose from. One thing is for sure once we install a digital door lock Brisbane residents will not have to worry about being locked out.

Over the last 25 years the digital door locking options have changed a immensely. Lockwood had dominated the market until about 10 years ago, their DGT model was copied by Borg Lock company and Carbine Lock company which bought much-needed competition. By far the biggest advance in digital door locks has been the advent of electronic locks.

These new style digital door locks are far more secure than their primitive mechanical cousins. They offer multiple codes and programable time zones. With mechanical locks you can only have one code.

Changing the code is tricky unless you are mechanically minded. We have installed hundreds of stand-alone digital door locks around Brisbane. We are seeing a greater demand for “hard wired” systems.

Typically we install these coded door locks on front doors of businesses so staff can come and go at will. They also keep “hawkers” and other unwanted visitors out. We can also install a door release so the door can be opened from a desk etc.

We can supply and fit a mechanical digital door lock in the Brisbane Metro area for as little as $270 (subject to door and frame suitability) or $530 for a hard wired version. Probably the best features are that you can go out for a run and not have to take keys with you. Alternatively, if you have guests come & stay you can give them a code and then delete it when they leave.Which ever way you look at it digital door locks are very convenient, call us today on 1300 556500.


Weatherproof keypad

Commercial grade – electronic lock – battery powered for 2- 3 years

This lock also has key backup & passage mode !

Digital door lock – Brisbane

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