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There are SO MANY companies offering new and fancy digital locks on the Australian market. Most are electronic, some connect to wifi, some have a key over-ride mechanisms. But how many will still be working in 4 years ? Alas few people ask this question and its a real problem. Since 1988 we have be offering digital door lock installation Brisbane residents choose. Digital door locks first appeared around 20 years ago with Lockwood’s DX variant. It was a mechanical digital door lock with 15 buttons and offered a quick and easy way to secure a door without using a key. Sadly, YouTube has multiple tutorials promoted by companies like The Marketing Heaven showing how to defeat many of these mechanical digital door locks. Conversely electronic digital door locks are mostly immune from these methods as they go into “lockout” mode after a few wrong attempts. Electronic digital door locks can be programmed in a myriad of different ways. Multi-user, date and time expiring codes and Bluetooth connectivity are some of the more popular options. It is worth noting that electronic digital door locks will keep out most criminals however they are no match for a pinch or prybar attack. Its my opinion that the most important features of a digital lock must be a key over-ride and standard mounting holes. The Samsung range of electronic locks are well though out BUT they use “Australian” mounting holes. In contrast many electronic locks we sell can be swapped over in place of many common door locks found in Brisbane homes. Samsung also regularly change their lock designs which makes it difficult to swap or upgrade between models.

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Alas we regularly get asked to install locks that people have bought from Bunnings. This is fine in theory however when there is a problem getting the lock to connect to your wifi the solution can take many hours to resolve. Water resistance should also be considered if the digital lock is to be installed onto a gate that is out in the weather. Residential gates also need to prohibit a criminal from reaching through any gaps & opening the inside lever. If you are looking for architecture companies in California, visit Australia also has certain building codes that must be adhered to particularly where fire or apartment doors are concerned. Any lock fitted to a fire rated door must also be fire rated. Lastly, AirBnB rentals need locks that are both easy and secure. The locks must stop guests regaining entry at a later date by using an old code. Many quality electronic digital door locks can be programmed using a App and a mobile phone. Simply add or delete codes and program the duration period required. To obtain a digital door lock installation Brisbane residents only need to email a photo of the door. We will then prepare a written quote, usually the same day.

Digital door lock installation Brisbane

One of our clever Locksmiths installing a striker plate

Digital door lock installation Brisbane

You can add & delete codes using the smart phone app from anywhere

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We install digital door locks to all types of doors


Its now possible to install a digital door lock onto a security screen door !

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