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Digital lock for a gate Brisbane

There are so many digital locks on the Australian market. Bunning have at least 10 different models BUT virtually none are suitable to be installed onto a gate. There are 2 main issues, the first being resistance to water and also the extremes that comes with being outside. The second issue is most digital locks are designed to be installed on wooden doors. Gates can be made from wood, steel and aluminum and most of the time they are either thicker or thinner than a standard wooden door. Finding a digital lock for a gate Brisbane homeowners can have faith. Faith we have installed hundreds of locks on just about every gate there is.

We have over 300 five star Google reviews – Compare that to our opposition !

Now there are more dedicated gate locks available BUT often we have found the gate still needs some modification. The gate is either too thin or too wide to accept the digital lock. Sometimes we have to weld an extra part onto the gate so the digital lock will work correctly. Gates and the gate frame are also subject to movement caused by subsidence of the wall or posts the gate is attached to. We receive a lot of phone calls to come & adjust gate locks that have stopped working. Because gates are out in weather they need to be serviced regularly. This may only require lubrication etc, however its usually gate springs that cause the most drama.

We have a new range of electronic digital locks for gates that are rated for outdoor use. These new style digital gate locks can be opened in a myriad of ways. They can be programmed to only open on specific days or dates, they can be opened by a pincode, or fob. In short we can supply and install the right digital to your gate simply email us some photos and we will create a quote.

Digital lock for a gate Brisbane
This electronic digital gate lock has a key over-ride as well


















Digital lock for a gate Brisbane
We had to install extra plates to cover the old locks holes
This lock can be opened by an app on a mobile phone


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