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Digital safe lock conversion Brisbane

When you need digital safe lock conversions Brisbane residents can count on KGB Security to do the job quickly and efficiently. We provide a complete safe service which is based from our Brisbane head office at Rocklea. Some of the services we offer are. We can customize your existing safe or a new safe with a myriad of different options. These include time locks, specific colour schemes, posting slots, treasury cabinets, extra key locks, digital safe lock conversion, combination safe locks, safe relocation’s and more.

Just like a car that isn’t serviced, a safe that is neglected will cause problems. If your car breaks down you can still get it fixed without much difficulty. However, to fix a safe you first have to get it open!That’s where it becomes expensive. Generally a safe should be serviced every 1 – 5 years depending upon use. You can bring in your safe lid (for a floor safe) or we can come to you.

The beauty of getting us out is that we will ask the question “ When was the last time the combo was changed?” This is often greeted with the answer, “ I don’t know”. We can also show you how to decide on a good combination and how to set it.

Our mobile service covers EVERY part of SE Qld

If you make a mistake we can fix it quickly. I often “talk through” my clients when changing a combination over the phone so please call before if your unsure.

Alas safes are designed to be  hard to crack and when they malfunction or go into lockout mode it can be a tough job to open them. This is definitely a job for a safe professional or someone who has a thorough knowledge of safe cracking. In fact if an inexperienced locksmith of safe cracker was to attempt to open a safe it is possible that they could make things worse as many safes have “traps” or “relockers” which activate if someone tampers with the safe.

Now this is a good thing if a criminal breaks in and smashes the handle or safe dial off, but in either situation we can open a safe and either repair the safe or re-instate it back to new condition anywhere in Brisbane. I must admit I do get a sense of pride when a criminal has a go at cracking a safe and gives up especially if it is a safe I have sold and recommended.

We have most safe blueprints on hand and all the safe cracking and opening gear including magnetic drill press, mig welder, dialing machine for finding a lost combination, and of course tenacity which is just as important as safe opening skill because it can be a battle to open a safe when there is a safe malfunction. We have been providing a  mobile safe servicing Brisbane since 1988 and we have a specialist safe sevicing van which covers all Brisbane area’s including the Sunshine & Gold Coast region.

All work is covered by our warranty policy

Furthermore a word of warning, we are often called upon to open safes where people have attempted to open the safe and the price to open a safe when another person has had a go can actually be quite expensive particularly on Bankers safes and Jewellers safes, so I recommend getting a quote in writing before anyone attempts any work on your safe.

I have seen combinations written on the front of safes, in the back of teledex’s and many where the combination is the business phone number or the users birthday. With a typical 3-wheel combination the last number must be over 20, should be spread out and try to avoid numbers ending with 0 or 5. A bad combination would be 23-19-60 or 20-40-60 and a good one would be 23-78-34.

With digital locks avoid obvious sequences such as 1-2-3-4-5-6. I also suggest joining all the numbers together writing it down and placing it in a secure location.(not inside the safe)

Where possible always secure your safe with quality fasteners. We use and recommend Ramset Chemset masonry anchors. Where your safe does not have a ‘bolt down’ hole it is possible to glue the safe down.

Always ensure your safe is level and the door will remain stationary in the open position. If the door closes due to poor alignment, the consequences could be substantially costly (including broken or missing fingers!)

We can install a digital lock on just about ANY safe

Ensure the safe door cannot jam the operator’s fingers between it and a wall etc. Where two safes are positioned side by side, ensure the doors cannot touch each other. Never position or stack safes on top of each other with out them being secured of fixed properly.

In conclusin always engage the services of a professional safe remover to move or position a heavy safe. The risk to life, limb and your property is not worth the money you would save. Never attempt to service a high quality safe lock yourself. You may get it working, but when it locks you out, it will be costly and inconvenient.

Digital safe lock conversion version 2.1

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